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Publisher of fiction & non-fiction artistic, erotic, photographic and unusual, subject specific books.


An ISBN is a number which uniquely identifies books and book-like products.  An ISBN is not essential to the publication of your book, but it is handy to have as it allows your books to be entered on a world-wide listing of publications, thus allowing them to be ordered by any book seller anywhere in the world.  This means that if your local bookstore wants to order a hundred copies of your book, they can simply type in the ISBN of your book and place an order. An ISBN is basically an ordering device for the international book trade and library market.


Any book published through vcb publishing and made available to the public via our website will be issued with an ISBN all it's very own.  We take care of all that, so you don't need to concern yourself with the pesky little details!  It is in both our best interests to expose your book to the biggest available market possible and having an ISBN is most certainly the first step to doing this.  

Those one off or limited edition private publications which are not made publically available, but rather ordered exclusively by your good self or those whom you refer to us do not need an ISBN.

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