vcb publishing

Publisher of fiction & non-fiction artistic, erotic, photographic and unusual, subject specific books.


vcb publishing specialises in publishing those little gems that most mainstream publishing houses tend to shy away from.

If you have an idea for a publication which you think may be suitable to add to our collection of unique treasures, drop us a line here with a brief outline of your initial proposal or seed of an idea.


Alternatively, if you’ve a project which is already in the works, or completed, you can email us a little more information with a complete outline of your submission.  Please email detailed submissions to .


Please include details as listed below, or as much of it as you can to give us a full idea of your aim for your book.


If you are wishing to utilise our personal formatting and publishing services for your own specific publication, please click here for more information.


Do be aware that we here at vcb publishing are great believers in the value of life experience and the passion you hold for doing what you love.  Rather than flashing before us a page of certificates, qualifications and previous publications, please tell us, honestly, what you are about and most importantly, what your book is about!  We’re interested in you.   Your ideas and your submitted work will speak for themselves!


We welcome new authors and you need not have been previously published before submitting to vcb publishing.    



• Proposed title (or working title)


• Subtitle (if any)


• Author(s)


• Author e-mail address [Author mailing address and phone will not be required until we start talking publication!]


• Relevant professional background or experience


[This is only needed for specialist subject specific, non-fiction publications, and only once your initial proposal is accepted. Do feel free to add it to your initial proposal if you wish.]


• Previous books (if any)


• Briefly describe your book


• Key features of your book (briefly list what you think the three main selling points might be.)


• Describe your intended audience (If you have an idea for an established market audience, do let us know!)


• Approximate length of book


• Include Table of Contents (If your work is complete, or near to it)


• Include a sample chapter or section (recommended)


• How does your book differ from existing books in the same or similar genre?


• Proposed writing/painting/photography schedule


• Why would you like to publish your book with vcb publishing? (Just because we’re interested!)

If your book has been published in any form before, please let us know so we can be certain to take any possible steps needed so as not to tread on anyone’s copyright or publishing right’s toes!


vcb publishing will take care of all formatting, editing, publishing, and the printing of your book.  Authors will receive 66% of all sales profits, with an increase to 80% once sales reach 100 copies or more per book.


But let’s not talk shop just yet!  Shoot us your idea and let’s take it from there.

NB:  Please submit all initial proposals in the body of your email.  Thankyou.

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