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Take the strain out of establishing your own internet presence by letting VCB PUBLISHING and our co-company TEZART do all the work for you.  Our Internet package includes a website, blog and twitter account set up.  We can either hand the whole lot over to you to update at your leisure or we can maintain all of these for you with regular updates on your latest projects, launches and doings etc.  We can tailor a package to suit your needs; simply contact us to have a chat and work out what best suits you.


VCB Publishing


Website Establishment Fee Structure ($AUD)


Total Cost: $500.00


Consisting of:


Non-refundable deposit: 100.00


Domain name registration and web hosting cost for one year: $100.00


Website construction: $300.00


( Payment options: Cash, cheque, direct deposit or Paypal )




Non-refundable deposit:


The initial $100.00 upfront deposit secures a single basic (temporary) contact webpage, blog, twitter and email accounts. These will be set up for the client within the week, thus immediately establishing an internet presence where the client can be searched for via any online search system, easily found and instantly contacted. (Many businesses make the mistake of waiting weeks and sometimes months for a full website to be established and launched, thus losing important incoming contacts and possible work bookings.) The key to internet success is to think of it as an advertising medium, like the yellow pages, except it is online and international. The client needs to GET THEIR BUSINESS OUT THERE - as quickly and as widely as possible. Then make it fancy. (Leave that to us!)


The client has, at this point, has an ‘Opt-out’ option. Having once established an internet presence at the low cost of a deposit ($100.00), many clients find that the basic webpage, blog, twitter and email accounts they now have are sufficient for purpose. If at any point in the future the client changes their mind and wishes to proceed with the full website, only the remainder of the original quote will be payable.



Domain name registration and web hosting cost for one year:


When the client wishes to proceed with a full website, a further $100 will be paid to secure both the domain name registration and web hosting for one year. The website will be completed within three to four weeks, maximum, pending current client base and bookings.


If the client has already purchased their own domain name the above procedures and fees remain the same; except that the $100 domain and web hosting fee will cover the cost of domain name transfer, plus web hosting for one year. In the event that no cost is endured for domain name transfers, the difference will be subtracted from the final fee.



Website construction:


The construction fee for the website itself is $300.00, payable upon completion and just prior to publication (posting online) of the completed website.


We utilise domain hosts. The cost of maintaining the client’s website and the client’s domain name will be approximately $100 per year, payable by the client to the host. Having established the website for the client, full control of the website is handed over to the client, along with full instructions on how to update and maintain it. (We will be available at no extra charge if the client gets stuck of course!)


Alternatively, if the client wishes us to maintain the site, then a further mutually agreeable fee for the service will apply. (This is on an individual basis, depending on the work required.)



Alternative Website Options


VCB offers a cheaper alternative, but it does NOT include a client’s personal domain name, (although personal inclusion in the website address is possible); $100 non-refundable deposit still applies with the same inclusions as outlined above for this, plus $300 for construction of the website (up to five pages, up to forty images and unlimited links) ; for a total of $300. The reason for this being, quite simply because the client is not paying for a domain name registration or web hosting costs. For example; instead of (the clients own domain name), the client will be registered as bobsmith.(provider).com . This still allows the client’s name (Bob Smith) and website to be found and accessed via any internet search engine.






Non-refundable deposit:                        $100.00


Domain name registration


plus web hosting cost for one year **: $100.00


Website construction:                             $300.00


Total:                                                          $400.00


** 1 year (This is the minimum; extended years can be purchased if desired)



Non-refundable deposit: $100.00


Website construction:      $300.00


Total:                                   $400.00



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